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Popular Internet Marketing Tools

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There are several ways to make the Internet an effective platform for marketing and advertising a business. The most popular and arguably most effective of them is search engine optimization. This is a technique that involves producing quality content and standardizing page formats to obtain a high ranking in search engine results pages.

Besides SEO, a business can also engage in social media marketing to boost its online presence. On sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, a business can interact directly with customers, and improve its online visibility through likes and shares. It is known to have faster results because internet users go to social media sites more frequently than to any other page.

An older yet still effective technique is e-mail marketing. This has been used by many online advertisers since the advent of electronic communication. This technique fosters customer loyalty by providing exclusive benefits to subscribers.

Another technique is PPC, or pay per click, marketing. By enrolling to a PPC service, a website gets a chance to be automatically advertised in some prominent pages across the web through banners and leads. Unlike SEO that aims to organically get good visibility on a search engine results page (SERP), PPC assigns ideal positions to business ads on a SERP, and the search engine (like Google) gets paid for every hit the ad gets.


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