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The Year’s Notable Internet Marketing Trends

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It has been a very dynamic year for internet marketing in Arlington. Virtual entrepreneurship is constantly evolving, and so are its methods. Though many of them remain, others have been set aside in favor of new and improved methods for doing business online.

Keep it simple

Internet visitors no longer tolerate being overwhelmed by blocks of text. Preferred sites to visit nowadays are clean, simple, and convey one or two messages at most per page. An excellent example is Apple Computers. The design of their site reflects the nature of their brand: clean, simplistic, and easy-to-use.

Content is king

This has been set in stone since day one. Meaningful and relevant content is what drives traffic to a site. Now that businesses have several channels at their disposal, expect more brand presence in social media such as blogs, videos, newsletters, events, etc.

Image support

The average internet user can’t help but be put off by advertising left and right. Brands will begin delivering their message simply and clearly with the use of images and graphics. Although text-based content will still be used, image-focused content will fare better in catching visitors’ eyes.

Mobile optimization

With the increasing number of mobile devices in use today, businesses should be sure their web design is mobile-responsive. With practically everyone using a mobile or tablet to search, shop, and access their emails, this presents an opportunity for two way communication with customers to answer queries and provide feedback.


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