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Online Marketing—Inspired by Memes

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You might have been among those who have been dreamily staring at Alex from Target because of his innate charms and irresistible baby face. He, along with other overnight internet sensations ranging from men, women, and grumpy cats, is considered to be a meme, an idea shared from person to person within a certain culture. In his case, the idea being shared is a “hot person in unexpected places”.

Memes, however, are usually misused, and marketers typically steer clear of them. One reason is because of their informality, because memes are generally funny, and marketers could not find a perfect spot to inject humor into their marketing strategies.

If your business is interested in utilizing memes, however, make sure that these are used appropriately—the one thing the Internet hates the most are misused memes. Moreover, misused memes can backfire, ruining your original strategy and, consequently, your brand.

Memes have the ability of getting a message across in a few words—a trait which your website’s content could emulate. Furthermore, viral memes should teach you that images and visuals are more effective in catching people’s attention. Lastly, a little bit of humor can go a long way, because everyone needs a laugh once in a while. By thinking about these factors and incorporating them in your internet marketing campaign, it won’t be long before you see the traffic and ranking you desire.


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