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Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

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For businesses looking to test the waters of internet marketing, it’s important to know the ins and outs of things that work in the field. Not knowing, after all, significantly increases the risk of committing permanent—and deadly—mistakes.

Procrastinating – Procrastinating has long been a subject of light-hearted conversations. For internet marketing, though, there’s nothing light-hearted about it. A company that fails to focus on its online marketing efforts now is bound to face some costly setbacks later on, period. It’s no different from marketing firms resorting to less desirable tactics to meet a deadline, because details were given to them at the last minute.

Poor website – The world is now a hyper-connected place, with almost anything having something to do with the internet. At this age, it’s a bad choice to run a business with a poorly designed website—something that’s more likely to alienate potential customers rather than entice them. If a company’s website isn’t designed the way it’s supposed to, the brand is seen as a cheap knockoff and is doomed to be ignored altogether.

Focusing on the wrong methods – Specific marketing methods are good for specific goals. For instance, a company with a very niche product could benefit hugely from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Not a lot of people in the company may know the option, though, and point-persons tend to focus on pricier methods hoping that the more expensive ones would provide a good ROI. This then results in more money spent, and less money earned.


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