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Unwritten Rule When Marketing on Facebook

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Internet marketing is a serious business that requires huge investment. Doing it right will save your company thousands or even millions of dollars and guarantee a good return. To do that you have to fully understand the ins and outs of online marketing. You have the option to just hire a professional internet marketing company, which is a good thing, but it won’t hurt to know some of the hidden facts.

One of the biggest websites in which you can market your business is Facebook. You probably have a personal account in this site that you’ve been checking in every day. It can be tough to try to market in a social media site like Facebook, especially when most members hate to see promotions popping up in their notifications.

So how do you present your products and services without irritating the members? One way is to avoid multiple posts. According to TrackSocial.com, the more posts you make, the lower the people’s rate of engagement. In the data, a brand that posts in some planned way about its products and services receives 57 percent of the likes and 78 percent of the comments per post.

So there, your focus should be in quality engagement, and not bombarding your target market with information. You can post once in a while but still manage to hit your target conversion rate by simply engaging with potential clients who liked or commented on the post. The longer you maintain the interaction in your post, the greater the chance it will stay visible to your target market.


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