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Unwritten Rule When Marketing on Facebook

Internet marketing is a serious business that requires huge investment. Doing it right will save your company thousands or even millions of dollars and guarantee a good return. To do that you have to fully understand the ins and outs of online marketing. You have the option to just hire a professional internet marketing company, which is a good thing, but it won’t hurt to know some of the hidden facts. Continue reading


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Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

For businesses looking to test the waters of internet marketing, it’s important to know the ins and outs of things that work in the field. Not knowing, after all, significantly increases the risk of committing permanent—and deadly—mistakes.

Procrastinating – Procrastinating has long been a subject of light-hearted conversations. For internet marketing, though, there’s nothing light-hearted about it. A company that fails to focus on its online marketing efforts now is bound to face some costly setbacks later on, period. It’s no different from marketing firms resorting to less desirable tactics to meet a deadline, because details were given to them at the last minute. Continue reading

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Online Marketing—Inspired by Memes

You might have been among those who have been dreamily staring at Alex from Target because of his innate charms and irresistible baby face. He, along with other overnight internet sensations ranging from men, women, and grumpy cats, is considered to be a meme, an idea shared from person to person within a certain culture. In his case, the idea being shared is a “hot person in unexpected places”.

Memes, however, are usually misused, and marketers typically steer clear of them. One reason is because of their informality, because memes are generally funny, and marketers could not find a perfect spot to inject humor into their marketing strategies. Continue reading

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Facts about Millennials Every Marketer Should Know

Millennials (people born between 1980 and the mid­-90s) are vastly reshaping the marketing landscape. They’re considered the world’s largest generation in business terms— about 74.3 million reside in the U.S. alone with $170 billion worth of purchasing power. Still, marketers need to know how this generation of people thinks in order to fully utilize every business perk it has to offer.

Diversity– Compared to other generations, millennials are considered the most diverse social group (only 55% of them are white), mixed with people of various races and ethnicities. This diversity allows marketers more freedom in choosing their methods. Continue reading

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Popular Internet Marketing Tools

There are several ways to make the Internet an effective platform for marketing and advertising a business. The most popular and arguably most effective of them is search engine optimization. This is a technique that involves producing quality content and standardizing page formats to obtain a high ranking in search engine results pages. Continue reading